We are so excited to announce a new cover into our existing range - the SuperShield Ultra!

SuperShield Ultra Outdoor Motorbike Cover
SuperShield Ultra Outdoor Motorbike Cover

Unique Nanotechnology Fabric

Using triple layers that are impregnated with UV inhibitors and nanotechnology, there is no way that any moisture is getting through to your bike. It beads water off like a waxed jacket, and due to the seams being electronically welded, it gives the ultimate protection in all weathers.

Stretch Fit

The SuperShield Ultra is one of our stretch fit covers, meaning we can supply for all makes and models. It wraps underneath the edges of your bike, wrapping it up like the gift that it is.

Soft and Protective

With a fleecy lining, the cover will also protect your paint and bodywork as well as the outside from the elements. Ideal for making sure there are no unwanted scratches!

Available Now!

The SuperShield Ultra is available now for £119.00 including UK delivery. If your make is not listed, please get in touch as we can provide a cover! Our number is 0191 4862687 and our email is sales@prestigemotorbikecovers.co.uk